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"Frau Kächele & Frau Peters" heißt eine Comic-Show, die von Okt. 1986 bis zum Ende von SDR 3 im Aug. 1998 gesendet wurde. Die wilden "Hefezopf-Weiber" sind die ersten Kult-Figuren des "Wilden Südens" und erschienen pro Woche mit 1 bis 2 neuen Ausgaben.

Frau Kächele & Frau Peters war für mich einer der wenigen Gründe Radio zu höhren. Umso mehr freut es mich, dass ich per Zufall auf die Homepage des Machers gestosen bin. Der bietet unter anderem auf besonic.com die legendäre RadioJubiläumsShow 1989 in SDR 3 mit Frau Kächele & Frau Peters (24:47) zum download an.

Zwar muss man sich für downloads bei besonic.com regstrieren, dafür scheint es dort noch so einiges zu entdecken zu geben.

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- MP3: Kid606 - powerbookfiend

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Two new tracks are and a movie clip are availible from Negativland
- MP3: Negativland - No Business

The Mashin' of the Christ
"San Francisco's Negativeland have long been known to court public controversy as an integral part of their "fair use" art. So when a press release appeared on the group's website last week announcing that hackers had stolen their "top-sacred-for-internal-use-only" project, The Mashin' of the Christ, and it was now appearing online in various peer-to-peer file trading networks (the website offers detailed instructions on how to find it), it was clear the group was up to new tricks. The five-minute film is an exquisitely rendered video mash-up culled from a combination of decrypted footage ripped from DVDs rented from Netflix and Blockbuster, "found" 16mm film footage, original CGI, and films obtained from peer-to-peer file-sharing networks — including images of a beaten and crucified Jesus borrowed from more than 30 films like Ben Hur, Jesus Christ Superstar, The Last Temptation of Christ,and Mel Gibson's current blockbuster. The soundtrack is Negativeland's seminal 1987 release, "Christianity Is Stupid," from their breakthrough SST album Escape from Noise. The track, with its chant of "Christianity is stupid, Communism is good" was itself part of an earlier uproar that helped bring the group wider public attention: when Negativeland canceled a national tour by issuing a press release falsely claiming the track had inspired a real-life Minnesota mass murder, it sparked a national media firestorm (which the group promptly turned into their next project, Helter Stupid). As the issues of intellectual property in the digital age take on international importance — and Gibson's Passion takes its place as one of the highest grossing films of all time — Negativeland's fearless and playful projects are more timely than ever."
Stolen from the Earplug Newsletter

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steve hubback

"The artist as Vulcan; music as literal test by fire. Think how often the symbolism of metalworking creeps into writing about improvised music [...] - and it's clear tht the connection between the two sides of Steve Hubback's art works at a deep level, not just as a nicely hegged career desission, you also want to picture what extraordianry thing is making these shimmering sounds. It's aperfect synthesia, the ear hearing and the ear seeing." [WIRE 243, page 14]


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The German sound and radio artist Felix Kubin and the experimental electronic artist Wojtek Kucharczyk from Poland meet for a noisy national match in several sets, patching very typical, striking elements of their respective culture and confronting these with eachother. Annulment of borderlines. It's all about getting to know eachother without diplomacy - soundwise referring to traditions like gang fights, disputes, and posing: Besides sounds of everyday life, as well as chopped political pitches, street sounds, from bars, clubs, and underground shafts, also randomly picked up material and short fragments of music from one's own cultural heritage are used to outgo the other player by means of wit, inventiveness, speed or simply by acting as a loudmouth. Just like with pinball or computer games, an acoustic signal defines when it's time to take turns; it's also possible to overlay different sound sources. Right in the sense of a collage-like musique-concrète, the noisy, the experimental elements are focused on. More

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Follow this link. Then press the image to download this amazing documentation.

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it started on May 10th

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Was born 1968 in Graz, Austria. She studied composition with Erich Urbanner at the Vienna Academy of Music and Performing Arts.Her MA thesis was on the use of music in the Alain Resnais film "L 'amour à mort ". During that period she also studied at the Electroacoustic Institute. During 1985-86 she studied composition and theory with Elinor Armer at the Conservatory of Music in San Francisco, a well as fine art and film at the Art College. From 1993-94 she studied with Tristan Murail in Paris, and took part in the "Stage d 'Informatique Musicale" at IRCAM, Paris. Her opera "Bählamms Fest " was performed during the "Wiener Festwochen" in 1999. She is working on an opera following the film "Lost Highway" by David Lynch for 2003. Taken from: www.kairos-music.com

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interview at brokenviolence.de

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image of funkstörung




  • german interview
  • german interview
  • german interview
  • very nice german audio interview
  • ????

    MP3 downloads from Funkstörung:

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    Stand-alone software, which can be downloaded for free from Sony's new Sony Connect online music store, is needed to purchase tunes. That could be a turn-off for consumers, according to Jarad Carleton, an IT industry analyst with Frost & Sullivan in Palo Alto, California.
    More here:

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    Very often blogs are linking to articles in the New York Post. But in order to read those articles you have to be registered.

    But there is a method to get arround the registration process. By using the the google news search funtion to search for the headline of the specific article, the registration procedure will be needless. By following the links from the Google search results, you don't have to register.

    For example, at www.coolfer.com I found an interessting sounding link to an article called Liberty, Technology, Duty: Where Peace Overlaps War. (normal link). By following this link, I only can read the first page and I can't use the "print" option. But by using this Google anhanced link Liberty, Technology, Duty: Where Peace Overlaps War, it is possible to read the whole story and use the print function without beeing registered.

    When I googled for this article, two results were provided. An "anhanced" one and a normal one. To distinguish those links, put your mouse courser above the links provided by Google. By doing so, a little colored field should appear over the link, showing the URL, the anhanced one should end like this: partner=GOOGLE. If the colored field doesnt appear, look at the bootom of your browser window the URL should also be shown.

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    image of the band bardo pond

    Bardo Pond was the flagship band of Philly's "Psychedelphia" space rock movement, which also included the likes of Aspera, Asteroid No. 4, the Azusa Plane, and tangentially the Lilys. Explicitly drug-inspired -- their titles were filled with obscure references to psychedelics -- they favored lengthy, deliberate sound explorations filled with all the hallmarks of modern-day space rock: droning guitars, thick distortion, feedback, reverb, and washes of white noise. Hints of blues structure often cropped up, but Bardo Pond's earliest roots lay with avant-garde noisemakers from the realm of free jazz and from New York's no wave movement and downtown Knitting Factory scene. More


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    Lots of Pixies stuff here:

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    KK Null is widely and correctly lauded as one of the fathers of Japanese noise guitar... [THE WIRE Issue 243, May 2004 page 68]

    K.K. Null has always lived outside the boundaries of the ordinary and mundane. As a member of the heavy rock trio Zeni Geva he's built a reputation as an artist to be reckoned with, but it's his solo work that has earned him a devout following in avant-noise circles. Null has released records on labels like Charnel Music, NUX Organisation, Manifold, and Fourth Dimension and has played with Jim O'Rourke, Merzbow, John Zorn, Fred Frith and many more. He was also a member of the Sensurround Orchestra. GeV, Null's first release for Staalplaat, shows Null taking sampling to the extreme, either chopping up sounds beyond belief or looping them into a roller-coaster ride of noise and feedback. Like a roller-coaster, these songs are both fun and scary -- upon first listen the music seems harsh and overbearing, but the variety and range of sounds quickly becomes mesmerizing and entertaining.


    - MP3: KK Null - 2:10

    Real Audio Downloads:

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    - Nautical Almanac

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    picture of one of the autechre guyspicture of the second auctechre guy

    Autechre: The Master Draftsmen
    TEXT Anna Chapman IMAGES David Axelbank

    Since 1993, British duo Autechre have embodied experimental techno’s bolder agenda: to disrupt the listener and presage the shape of sounds to come. Their Siskel-and-Ebert-style critiques of technology, pop music and society reflect their love-hate relationship with the world around them-one in which they continue to forge significant breakthroughs in how we think of and hear electronic music. More

    Found at:

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    Allofmp3 is an online music store, but it's so cheap that it might as well be free. You pay by the gigabyte; 1 gigabyte costs $10. That means that 10 bucks gets you about 18 hours of music (at 128 kbps Ogg Vorbis -- more than good enough quality for me, YMMV). It doesn't get cheaper than that.

    It's a Russian company so you may not trust them, but you don't have to -- you can charge your account using PayPal, so they don't ever get any personal data from you other than your email address.

    They have a huge selection of mainstream and non-mainstream stuff, about 200,000 songs in total. And the best thing - it's not illegal. (This is not so much important from a moral but from a practical standpoint - they can provide reliable high speed access to the goods.) They have a licensing agreement with the Russian Organization for Multimedia and Digital Systems which allows them to sell these songs in bulk; the same kind of agreement Russian radio stations have. Read the whole article

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    From the ZU Webpage:
    Critic and hydiosincratic music made of drums, bass, and saxophones . Some call it freejazz, no-wave, or hard-core. It's soul music [...] Critic and hydiosincratic music made of drums, bass, and saxophones . Some call it freejazz, no-wave, or hard-core. It's soul music [...] John Zorn: "You have created a powerful and expressive music that totally blows away what most bands do these days!"

    Austrian review:
    [...] Sie versuchen, die Gräben zu überbrücken, die zwischen den verschiedenen Szenen (Improvisation, Rock, Jazz, New York Downtown, etc.) leider immer noch bestehen [...]
    skug - online | David Krispel | 22-05-2001 |

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    cover for the mp3 mixtape "william Hung - The Mix"

    William Hung (famous from American Idol) in the mix with Jay-Z, Biggie and many other rappers.

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    picture of a torn away poster from Prague

    My girlfriend and me spend three days in Prague. I added a few pictures of our trip to my fotopage at nomadsoul.fotopages.com

    ( 0 ) 01.05.04    Tag: Photographie

    Found at www.brainwashed.com :

    "Animal Collective have been mislabeled as a number of things including "free folk," "drug music," and "improv," but in their own assessment, the group are simply trying a different view of pop. Although this a cliche: there honestly is difficult to describe their sound without simply hearing it. We sat down with three members for an insightful interview in the back of their tour van. Watch closely as a car accident can be heard offcamera outside during one of their answers!"

    - Download the Video

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    "A few weeks ago, I read the post you guys made about MoblogUK, a creative commons licensed alternative to TextAmerica. I'd been searching for an alternative for awhile, so I was pretty excited to find it. After switching I wanted a way to get my images from TextAmerica over to the new site at MoblogUK, so I wrote this app to make the process easy. Besides parsing a TextAmerica moblog and sending the entries off to MoblogUK it can also save your TextAmerica entries locally in an XML/XSL format...in case you ever want to do that for some reason!"
    More info here:
    Link found at: boingboing.net

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    Kinan Abou-afach was born March 26,1977 in Damascus, Syria. He commenced his musical studies at the age of seven with the ‘Ud (Arabic Lute), learning traditional Arabic repertoire and the maqam system (Arabic scale system). At the age of eight he began studying the Cello under Mr. Pavel Coupin at the Arabic Institute of music, he changed to Mr. Rasi Abdullaiev, one year later. At this institution he flourished into an equally over-achieving ‘Ud and Cello player. Music wasn’t his only mode of expression. Along with his music, Kinan was immersed into the world of visual arts.

    Official homepage:
    MP3 downloads:

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