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A list of "recognitaion based search tools" can be found at searchresearch1.blogspot.de

Some examples:

WhatTheFont Identifies the font in which a given text is set in an image.

IdMyPill Identify a pill from a photo taken of it.

Meal Snap Analyzes your meal to determine your caloric / health consequence of eating everything on your plate.

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My latest Google Hack, a true masterpiece. Create your own custom RSS feed for files hosted at Rapid Share, Megaupload, Mediafire etc. For example: you are interested in "Spanish hip hop" , this feed will provide links to "Spanish hip hop" hosted at Rapid Share etc! In most cases it won't provide the links to the hosted files directly, but what it does is provide links to blog entries where people provide links to the thing you are looking for! This feed is powered by the Google blog search, which means it is ultra fast. So almost instantly someone provides new links, your feed will be updated!

Click the link below, or keep it as a bookmark, enter something and click OK. The page you are looking at is already your custom RSS feed! Copy the URL into your feed reader and it's done!

Rapid Share Feeds (Firefox Version)

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Using Yahoo Pipes I created a RSS feed containing only the English content of my weblog. A German only feed will follow soon. This woks by filtering out several German keywords, like "der,die,das" (eng: the). Of course this method isn't perfect, so some German content could still get through.

RSS English content only
RSS Everything

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This is my latest tool for finding MP3 files using Google. Sure you can look for mp3 files by entering Aphex Twin mp3 into Google, but the results will be clutered with 99% of junk.

This tool is limited to the best free and legal mp3 hosting sites. Sites covered are:

  • insound.com
  • epitonic.com
  • betterpropaganda.com
  • tonspion.de
  • thewire.co.uk
  • archive.org
  • ubu.com

Free and legal MP3 files: FLML - Firefox Verion
FLML - IE Version

To use this tools, click the link and then enter a key word. You can drag this links into your bookmark folder.

If you think, this is a great tool, you will love these other tools:

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Today I tried Google Spreadsheets. First thing I discovered, there is no charts function! Lots of other online online spreadsheet sites do offer charts, but if for some reason, you have to use Google's service, there is a little work around which offers a very basic and simple solution. First, this solution wasn't discovered by myself, it's a trick I learned from juiceanalytics.com. It is intended for Excel but also works for Google Spreadsheets.

These in-cell bars are created using the repeat (REPT) function. REPT looks like this: =REPT("text",number of times)

For example =REPT(X,5) gives you XXXXX. For in cell bars, use the letter I and set the font size to 10 or even smaller. "Number of times" can also be variable, I doesn't need to be a fixed value. For instance:
=REPT("I",B2) would print the letter according to the value in cell B2.

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This is my latest Google Hack. This handy tool will use Google to find files hosted at free file hoster like rapidshare.de or Megaupload. 22 file hosters are included:
rapidshare, megaupload, mediafire, mytempdir, slil, sendspace, turboupload, speedshare, hyperupload, getfile, depositfiles, webfile, file2share, rapidupload, yourfile, yourfilehost, filehd, mooload, scambia, filepost, justupit, simpleupload.
I could add more, but in a few tests the results didn't improve.

How to use: Klick the FFHS link, enter something, for example "spiderman 3 trailer". You will be redirected to a Google result page.

FFHS- Firefox version
FFHS - IE version

Last time updated: 2007 August 03

I have also another Google mp3 search tool. Use it to find stuff in unsecured folders on the internets! Check it out

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The shows from WNYC are available in three formats:

1. MP3 files, can be downloaded directly (Example page

2. RAM (Real Audio) files, they are a bit tricky to download ( Example page). First, download the show as you would normaly would download something. Usualy you have to right click on the link and then select "save target as...". The downloaded file should be very small, maybe 1KB and is named, in this case newsounds2424.ra . Open the file, using a text editor and you will find the proper link to the .ra file. In this case, the link is: rtsp://raudio...newsounds2424.ra . Notice the beginning of the link? It starts with rtsp, which means it can't be downloaded using a plain browser. Download the file using Flashget

3. A MP3 file hidden in RA file, download the show be right clicking on the link (Example page. Open downloaded file (spinning070906.mp3) using a text editor. You will find the proper link. Now use this link to download the file.

Need more information? Have a look here

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Rapget is a download manager especially designed for file hosters like rapidshare (all together around 60 different file hoster are supported). Rapget also recognises the code very often has to be entered before the download starts. All one has to do, is to enter the link to the referring page where the file is hosted.
Usually the download speed is very slow, so best thing would be to droop all your links into Rapget and then forget about it for the next few hours. Or let do Rapget all the work during night.

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erightsoft.net: "SUPER © Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer. A GUI to ffmpeg, mencoder, mplayer, x264, mppenc, ffmpeg2theora & the theora/vorbis RealProducer plugIn. Convert any input video format to a PSP file. Convert a PSP file to any other video format. Convert any input video format to VOB-DVD. Convert a VOB-DVD file to any other video format. The rendered VOB files are DVD-standard strictly compliant and "TMPGEnc DVD Author" compatible. etc."

So what does this mean? Basicly Super is a very easy to use software, which is capable of converting ANY video file in absolutly any other video format. All you have to do is drop the file into SUPER, select the output format and that's it! Best thing is, no extra codecs are needed !!!

SUPER can also be used for extracting the sound of a video file or convert audio only files.

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"PayLoadz offers a service to sell intangible goods such as: software, eBooks, music, podcasts, movies, digital art, manuals, articles, certificates, forms, files, and more."

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googlesystem.blogspot.com offers a handy bookmarklet to directly download Google videos as a .avi file which can be watched with every media player. Get the bookmarklet here

Usually Google videos can be downloaded as GVI files, but in order to watch them, one needs the google video player.

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Shows from the BBC a presented in the Real Audio format, which usually can't be downloaded directly. But if you have the right tools, they can . This little howto is part of my bigger howto How to download Real Audio streams and convert Real Audio to MP3. This howto is divided in a beginner section, for those who aren't familiar with Firefox and Flashget and Flashgot, and a shorter section for those who are already familiar with those tools. I am using a German version of Firefox and Flashget, so hopefully I translated all the steps correctly.

Lets say you want to download an archived show from the BBC homepage. Usually there is a link, named "Listen to the show" to the archived show. If you follow this link, the BBC Radio Player will open.

Not familiar with Flashget

Right-click in the left frame (highlighted in the picture below with a red rectangle), select FRAME ->Show Frame information -> MEDIA. There should be a list of all the media files (like pictures and sound files) contained in this frame. In order to download the show, look for the "embedded" files. The link to the show, provided as a real audio file (.rpm), should be something like this:


Open Flashget, click on the button for a new file (looks like a sheet of paper) than copy the link to the show into the pop-up (in the URL field), but ad www.bbc.co.uk to the link, the final link should than be: www.bbc.co.uk . Download the file. Rename the file (right click -> rename) from from XXX.rpm to XXX.txt. In this example from gilles.rpm to gilles.txt.

If you open the renamed file, there should be a link like this: rtsp://rmv8.bbc.net.uk/radio1/gilles.ra

This is the actual file you want to downlad. As you can see, it doesn't start with http, that's why it can't be downloaded using a mere browser. To download the show, again click on the "new file" button in Flashget, copy the rtsp://... link in the URL field and press start. THATS IT!

Familiar with Flashget

To use Flashget and Firefox the easiest way, also use the plug-in Flashgot. In order to download the show Right-click in the left frame (highlighted in the picture above with a red rectangle), select "download everything using Flashgot" -> Select Filter -> File type: rpm

Download the file. Rename the file (right click -> rename) from from XXX.rpm to XXX.txt. In this example from gilles.rpm to gilles.txt.

If you open the renamed file, there should be a link like this: rtsp://rmv8.bbc.net.uk/radio1/gilles.ra

This is the actual file you want to download.

Could someone, who is using the english version of Firefox, Flashget and Flashgot, send me the proper english translation?


Direct links to the real audio files of some BBC shows:

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tech-recipes.com: "MySpace allows you to listen to a lot of songs; however, only a few of them can be downloaded. This little work-around will allow you to download most music files." Read on

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"is a Firefox and Thunderbird extension that hides the status-bar. The status-bar is shown back when hovering a sensitive zone with the mouse. In Firefox, the status-bar can be shown back when a page loads or when hovering a link, according to the preferences. Additionally, in Firefox, a status-bar icon and/or a toolbar button can be used to quick enable/disable." Get it here

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Eine Übersicht aller Google Dienste, zusammengestellt vom Dr. Web Team. Link

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npr.org: "A new wave of Internet sites, like Wikipedia, invite their users to interact and contribute facts and opinion and edit each other. It's a more democratic way to present information. But is it more accurate?" (Talk of the Nation, November 2, 2005)" Listen here

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poynter.org: "With more than 10 million blogs online and their importance growing every day, the race is on to create the best blog search engine. In the past month, both Google and Yahoo! have unveiled long-awaited blog searches. Here's a look at some of the best tools for searching blogs." Link

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download iTunes music videos without costs

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lifehacker.com: "Now that iTunes 4.9 supports podcasting and video blogging, you can use the del.icio.us bookmarking service to auto-load music and video files others have bookmarked." More

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fatfingers.com: Thousands of items on eBay are listed with descriptions containing spelling mistakes. These items often expire with no bids on them as no-one can find them. Type in a keyword below and click the Find button. Then click the link and uncover those hidden gems... Use it here.

The service is available in English, German, Nederlands, Italiano and Français but works with all country specific ebay pages. I did a search for Polaroid (because I am a big sucker for Polaroid images but the films a very expensive) and instantly found a lot of bargains!

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jhorman.org: wikidPad is a Wiki-like notebook for storing your thoughts, ideas, todo lists, contacts, or anything else you can think of to write down.

What makes wikidPad different from other notepad applications is the ease with which you can cross-link your information. Links in a wiki are created by typing in WikiWords. A WikiWord is any mixed case word typed into the editor. TodoList or JohnDoe are example WikiWords. The term wiki means "quick" in Hawaiian, and wikis are all about quickly linking your information together. Wikis are not a new concept, in fact there are many web based wiki servers available."

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via oreilly.de :
"Firefox Hacks is ideal for power users who want to maximize the effectiveness of Firefox, the next-generation web browser that is quickly gaining in popularity. This highly-focused book offers all the valuable tips and tools you need to enjoy a superior and safer browsing experience. Learn how to customize its deployment, appearance, features, and functionality."

Hack 27: Fix Web Servers to Support Firefox Content
Hack 31: Take Firefox with You
Hack 43: Waste Time with Toys and Games
Hack 44: Tweak and Troubleshoot CSS Designs
Hack 69: Make New Tags and Widgets with XBL
Hack 92: Get a Custom, Prebuilt Version
Read the sample chapters here

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Amazon is offering lots of fre mp3 files of CDs they are selling. Now, someone created a RSS feed so you can stay informed about newly added songs.

get it here: funkwit.com

found via boingboing.net

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