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  1. Mount Kimbie - William
  2. Einsturzende Neubauten - Ozean und Brandung
  3. Johan Johannson - The Flat
  4. Nine Inch Nails - 9 Ghosts I
  5. Marsen Jules - Yara 01
  6. Rod Modell & Michael Mantra - Gulf Breeze Sonar
  7. Aphex Twin - Parallel Stripes
  8. Bohren and Der Club of Gore - Mitleid
  9. Kelpe - Growth
  10. Max Richter - Untitled
  11. Peter Broderick - A Snowflake
  12. Ben Frost - Killshot
  13. Ben Frost - The Carpathians
  14. Claro Intelecto - Beautiful Death

acute - ambient.01

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But downloads are limited to 2.000 copies

Signal - Zeche
Monolake - Avalanche
Raime - This Foundry
Hype Williams - ??? ??????
Siriusmo - Mosaik
Ikonika - Ingredients
Cosmin TRG - Liebe Suende
Half Hawaii - Emperors Of Venus
Gold Panda - Snow & Taxis
Modeselektor remixed by Phon.o - Art & Cash (Phon.o Remix)
Zombie Zombie - Escape from LA Main Theme
Mark du Mosch - Airforce
The Field - Sequenced
Erik K Skodvin - Graves
Hauschka - Blink

Download at www.zero-inch.com

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"Chain Reaction is one of the keystone labels in the development in Deep / Experimental Techno Music. A Sub-label of the infamous; 'Basic Channel' from Berlin, it was an outlet for artists expanding on the deep, crackling, chord-driven blueprint set by it's parent label." Download the Mix at graphitenorth.blogspot.com

via meatskull.wordpress.com

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  1. Villagers – Becoming a Jackal
  2. Orange Juice – Felicity
  3. Clinic – I’m Aware
  4. Chief – Breaking Walls
  5. Owen Pallett – Lewis Takes Off His Shirt
  6. Wyatt, Atzmon, Stephen – Laura
  7. Steve Mason – All Come Down
  8. These New Puritans – Orion
  9. The Fall – Bury Pts. 1 + 3
  10. Archie Bronson Outfit – Hoola
  11. Tricky – Come To Me
  12. Malachai – Snowflake
  13. Four Tet – Angel Echoes
  14. Jon Hopkins – Monsters Theme
  15. Dowload here
  16. via www.testspiel.de

( 1 ) 21.12.10    Tag: MP3 Mix

fluxblog.org: "This eight-disc, 157 song mix is a survey of some of the best and most notable music from 2010. It’s fairly comprehensive, covering indie, pop, rock, punk, folk, rap, R&B, soul, dance, country, modern classical, ambient and electronic music, and in many cases, hard-to-classify genre hybrids. I inevitably had to leave out some things, but I think you’ll find that this serves as both a helpful guide to some of the year’s most exciting music and a surprisingly listenable series of mixes. Discover new stuff! Rediscover familiar artists in a new context! Jam out to ten and a half hours of world-class tunes! If you enjoy this, please do pass it on."

Download the mix at www.fluxblog.org

( 0 ) 08.12.10    Tag: MP3 Mix

mnml080: "Margot Records was born on 2006 from the stable relationship and friendship of the two musicians and djs Pepe and Giaga.They created it to make their music more freely using an analogue equipments to create an electronic deep and melodic techno sound but at the same time energetic, with an own identity, fascinated on every kind of test."

( 0 ) 09.04.09    Tag: MP3 Mix

room40.org: "ROOM40 is a label and multi-arts organisation based in Brisbane, Australia. Since 2000, ROOM40 has released over 50 high quality editions and multiples in the fields of electronics, improvisation, experimental-pop and sound-art. Curated by Lawrence English, the label continues to publish in and around the margins of each of these fields drawing on a diverse roster of both established and emergent sound-makers."

Download ROOM40 Radio No2 here

( 0 ) 01.03.09    Tag: MP3 Mix

xlr8r.com: "Any fan of the dubstep, grime, and drum and bass genres will recognize old friends on the tracklisting, from Hyperdub founder Kode9 to garage and broken-beat producer Zed Bias." Download here

( 0 ) 10.02.09    Tag: MP3 Mix

newmixes.com: "Its the Best of 2008 and Mary Anne plays back some of the highlights from this year, including an awesome set from Flying Lotus recorded at Sonar Festival in Barcelona, a mix from the gigantic Generation Bass special recorded at Maida Vale in the summer and finally, Joker set from the massive, Bristol: Rise Up. Plus, best mixes from Hudson Mohawke, Pangaea, Silkie and Quest, Autechre, Martyn, LD and LV." Download here

( 0 ) 31.12.08    Tag: MP3 Mix

My hereos in the 80's:

wikipedia: "Sigue Sigue Sputnik is a British pop-cyberpunk influenced band led by former Generation X bassist Tony James. The band played a style of new wave music similar to New York electronica duo Suicide and Swiss techno-rock duo Yello, by layering vocals, yelps, guitar riffs, electronic sound effects and short samples over pulsating synthesizer bass lines. Their use of video montage, as well as their music, is similar to that of the American New Wave act Devo." Read on

( 0 ) 28.10.08    Tag: MP3 Mix

"A nice mixture of real shortwave radio recordings & ambient music with shortwave elements. Most of the shortwave stuff comes from the Shortwavemusic blog." Download here

( 0 ) 21.09.08    Tag: MP3 Mix

Philip Sherburne is a columnist for eMusic, The Wire, Pitchfork, and others.

DJ Koze, "Cecily"
Shinedoe, "The Peacemaker (Deetron Remix)"
Channel X, "Burning Train"
JC Freaks, "The Rock"
Knowing Looks, "1100=moon"
Vera, "People's House"
Goldwill, "Motion Team"
Recloose, "Can't Take It (Carl Craig Remix)"
Ra.H, "The Fall of Justice"
Motorcitysoul, "Change You (Shur-I-Kan Remix)"
Crustation, "Flame"
Blaze, "Lovely Dae (Friends Experiment Remix)"
Download here

( 0 ) 20.09.08    Tag: MP3 Mix

Radio ABC: "'Get up, Stand up', the 1973 reggae song made famous by The Wailers is a nagging provocation to continue struggling for personal or group rights in an unjust world. But just what are 'rights' - who holds them, who's being denied them and who benefits from getting rights? Using everything from dubstep, hiphop and baile funk to speeches by the Black Panthers, Lawrence Lessig and George W Bush, Prince Nod dubs through the music and voices of the civil rights and music rights movements to find the two are connected today more than ever before. Listen/Download here

( 0 ) 14.09.08    Tag: MP3 Mix

"Half hour mix for The Wire magazine's radio show, featuring music from Mavado, Sway & Stush, Demarco, Rubi Dan & DJ Q, Sizzla, Lil Wayne & Kanye West and Assassin." Download here

( 0 ) 10.09.08    Tag: MP3 Mix

12k is a label for very minimal (and very beautiful) electronic music. 12k is featured in a episode of solipsisticnation.com podcast. Download here

( 0 ) 05.08.08    Tag: MP3 Mix

xlr8r.com: "New York-based producer Ambivalent and the über-prolific JPLS to compile an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast that showcases the history of Minus. The two brought in everything from the label's inaugural release by Plastikman to later works by the likes of Troy Pierce and Matthew Dear under his False moniker." Download here

( 0 ) 31.07.08    Tag: MP3 Mix

"Mary Anne brings the best from the Bloc Weekend 2008 with live sets from Oris Jay, N-Type, Milanese, Christ, Kode 9, Rustie and the legendary Karl Bartos from Kraftwerk." Download here

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"Here, on his RA podcast, Betke does the same, mixing classic dub tracks with the acknowledged sound of now: dubstep. It’s a place where old and new mingle, conversing with one another, all held together by overdubs and unreleased music by Pole himself."

  1. Pole - Intro - ~scape
  2. Pangaea - Coiled - Hessle Audio
  3. Shackleton - You Bring Me Down - Skull Disco
  4. Mala - Left Leg Out - DMZ
  5. Roy Lee - Give Me Power - Trojan
  6. Benny Ill, Kode9 & The Culprit - Fat Larry's Skank (Kode9 Remix) - Tempa
  7. Benga - Crunked Up - Tempa
  8. 2562 - Channel Two - Tectonic
  9. Danny Hensworth - Mr. Money Man - Upsetters
  10. Johnny Osbourne - Purify Your Heart - Trojan
  11. Althea and Donna - Uptown Top Ranking - Joe Gibbs Records
  12. DJ Pinch - 136 Trek - Punch Drunk
  13. Untold - Test Signal - Hessle Audio
  14. CNE Skank - Forgive Them Lord - The Upsetters
  15. Max Romeo - Birth of Reggae Music - Wackie's
    Overdubs and Interludes by Pole (Unreleased Snippets)
    Download here

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intro the black dog runs at night
unknownmix - the siren (losoul edit)
syclops - where's jason k
marc houle - bay of figs
discodeine - ring mutilation
throbbing gristle - hot on the heels of love
kaos - panopeeps (shit robot mix)
solid groove - this is sick
marascia & dusty kid - plumbi
tomboy - flamingo (tomboy ta-ram mix)
hot chip - ready for the floor (soulwax dub)
closer musik - maria
angelo badalamenti - audrey's dance
Download here

( 0 ) 13.02.08    Tag: MP3 Mix

Donny Summer, former (?) Radio WFMU DJ and now member of Birthday Party Berlin has put a mix online.

( 0 ) 07.02.08    Tag: MP3 Mix

33 Tracks - 61 min

1: Steve Hillage - Four Ever Rainbow - 1979
2: David Sylvian - The Wooden Cross - 1987
3: Grouper - Second Skin / Zombie Wind - 2005
4: Earth - Seven Angels - 1993
5: KTL - Theme - 2 LP - 2007
6: Stars of the Lid - Sun Drugs - 1996
Download here

( 0 ) 06.02.08    Tag: MP3 Mix

PERSIAN ELECTRONIC MUSIC: Yesterday and Today 1966-2006

very unknown electronic music composed in Iran from the Sixties till today, a double CD from Sub Rosa. Featured in the Resonance FM Podcast:


( 0 ) 27.01.08    Tag: MP3 Mix

Thrill Jockey Records is the label behind bands like Adult., Mouse on Mars, Tortoise or Califone. Download the 9 track mix here

( 0 ) 03.01.08    Tag: MP3 Mix

BBC: "Mixtapes are as strong in the UK as America. They keep the streets in touch with the underground music scene and can make or break an artist – just ask Sway. So how do you make it with mixtapes?" Listen here

( 0 ) 02.01.08    Tag: MP3 Mix

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