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wikipedia: "Andrea Belfi (born 1979) is an Italian electro-acoustic musician and composer. He began playing drums at the age of 14, and studied art in Milan, before becoming involved in experimental music in 2000. Belfi is also a member of electronic outfit Medves.
In 2002 Belfi began a project titled Between Neck & Stomach, in which he attempted to turn a whole house into a musical instrument, by using sound vibrations to shake various items, such as pots, plates, and cupboards." Read on

The WIRE 289, review of Belfi's lates CD Knots: "29 year old Andrea Belfi is one ofthe more productive elements in Italy's minimal rock underground. His inventive, dirgelike drumming and enhanced electronics are a notable ingredient in groups like Christa Pfangen, Rosolina Mar, Medves and other assorted collaborations. Working alone, his music seems to emanate from some very private cocoon of improvisation, a bower of retreat wrought in hollow, funereal drumming, haloed by a drifting pollen of percussive effects." Read on

( 0 ) 09.03.08    Tag: THE WIRE 289

"Angel is Ilpo Väisänen (Pan sonic), Hildur Guðnadóttir (Lost In Hildurness) and Dirk Dresselhaus (Schneider TM). Väisänen and Dresselhaus have been playing freeform noise with a tendancy to drone things out since 1999. The whole thing is quite a noman`s landish affair : somewhere between and in the middle of industrial, dub, new music, indierock, blues and science fiction soundtracks."

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wikipedia: "Carla Bozulich is an American musician and performance artist, based in Los Angeles, known for her work as the lead singer of The Geraldine Fibbers and as a founding member of Ethyl Meatplow. Her 2006 album, Evangelista, was released by Constellation Records, and is their first release by a non-Canadian artist. In the past year, she has also named her ever-evolving touring group "Evangelista" despite the fact that the only other constant musician is bassist Tara Barnes. In keeping with this change, her most recent album, Hello, Voyager was released under the band name Evangelista. In addition to singing and composing music, she is known to play guitar and work with samples and sound experimentation."

( 0 ) 05.03.08    Tag: THE WIRE 289

Will Menter - Bits of Wood

A book about British Sound Artist Will Menter who is using slate, stone and wood.

  • Book review in The WIRE 289
  • Book preview
  • Will Menter featured in The WIRE 237

    The Rest Is Noise: Listening to the Twentieth Century

    "Anyone who has ever gamely tried and failed to absorb, enjoy, and--especially--understand the complex works of Schoenberg, Mahler, Strauss, or even Philip Glass will allow themselves a wry smile reading New Yorker music critic Alex Ross's outstanding The Rest Is Noise. Not only does Ross manage to give historical, biographical, and social context to 20th-century pieces both major and minor, he brings the scores alive in language that's accessible and dramatic."
  • The book's homepage
  • Video interview with A. Ross
  • Order The Rest Is Noise from Amazon .com .de or .co.uk

    Ace Records

    To read Ace Records is to explore the history of modern music and to discover the stories of the people that made it. Visually stunning and hugely entertaining, the book chronicles this fascinating label and profiles a diverse range of artists including BB King, John Fahey, Lee Hazlewood and Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers.

    - Order Ace Records from Amazon .com .de or .co.uk

( 0 ) 04.03.08    Tag: THE WIRE 289

"Legendary masters of all things electronica step up to the decks this week. Autechre are without doubt one of the most prominent and pioneering acts on Warp impressive roster. Taking in everything from acid to classical, with 2 Live Crew and Tangerine Dream in between, check out their exclusive mix on this weeks show." Download here

( 0 ) 03.03.08    Tag: THE WIRE 289

Read the unedited transcript of Andrew WK's Invisible Jukebox
Download music by Brisbane-based underground musicians.
Hear a preview of, and view images from, Jed Speare's At The Falls.
View a gallery of images featuring Jed Speare's past work

( 0 ) 28.02.08    Tag: THE WIRE 289

wnyc.org: "Baby Dee started her career strumming the harp in Central Park. The Cleveland native went on to perform in a Coney Island sideshow (as the "bilateral hermaphrodite," play organ in a South Bronx church, and work with Antony and the Johnsons. Her latest solo album, Safe Inside the Day, sounds anything but safe. She performs live in our studio." Listen here

( 0 ) 22.02.08    Tag: THE WIRE 289

Benga is a UK garage music producer from Coulsdon, and is part of the Big Apple Records label. He has been described as an important name in the development of the dubstep style for his fusion of the already existing South London dubstep sound with the newer East London born grime sound, and was also one of the first dubstep producers when the style was emerging in the early 2000s. He has been featured on a variety of compilations including Mary Anne Hobbs's The Warrior Dubz, Tempa's The Roots of Dubstep and the BBC 1Xtra anniversary mix.
Benga's first album, Diary of an Afro Warrior, is due to be released on Tempa on March 3, 2008. Resident Advisor has described it as "one of the most anticipated LPs in dubstep yet." Read on

( 0 ) 19.02.08    Tag: THE WIRE 289

The WIRE 289: "Andrew WK is best known for "Party Hard", the po-Metal anthem that garnered him international fame. But his creative interests are more diverse than a casual fan might realise. He produced the latest record by SIghtings, has played with Wolf Eyes, Current 93 and To Live And Shave in LA, collaborated with Will Oldham and Baby Dee, and participated in The Boredoms' 77-drum performance."

( 0 ) 18.02.08    Tag: THE WIRE 289

wikipedia.org: "John Butcher (born 1954 in Brighton, England) is an English tenor and soprano saxophone player who has lived in London since the late 1970s. He began playing at the University of Surrey where he was studying physics. He received his PhD in theoretical physics with his thesis published as Spin effects in the production and weak decay of heavy Quarks. After that he left academia to focus on music." Read on

The WIRE: "This key player in the second wave of British Improv reinvents the saxophone via digital transformation, acoustic science and a heightened sense of space."

( 0 ) 18.02.08    Tag: THE WIRE 289

Download live concert recordings featuring John Butcher
Download an exclusive Andrew WK track
Hear a track from Baby Dee's new album
Download a track from Valet's latest LP
Listen to complete live sets from The Wire 25 festival
featuring Matmos, Laub, John Wall & Lee Gamble and David Toop's Unknown Devices

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