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Fridge = Adem and Four Tet

BBC: "Although Fridge was the group that spawned Kieran Hebden and Adem’s solo careers, after regrouping alongside Sam Jeffers for their first album in six years it’s clear that this is the side-project now. Although that has seemingly let them loosen up almost as much as Jeffers’ incredibly intuitive drumming; the interplay between that and the featherlight harmonies, languid guitar and electronics sound as unforced and natural as breathing. Overall, The Sun feels like three men taking things at their own leisurely pace but without wasting a second."

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ghostly.com: "Matthew Dear’s Asa Breed finds the Detroit-based electronic artist achieving new artistic heights – it’s more robust, more accessible, and yet still undeniably Matthew Dear. Incorporating his uniquely crafted textures alongside international rhythmic influences, plus a lyrical storytelling element from his Texas upbringing, Asa Breed is a completely unique musical experience.

Since his debut at the decade's beginning, Matthew Dear has been championed as North America's brightest new electronic talent.

With each track on this album, Dear tells a unique story about life and human relationships with his rich baritone voice and fusion of live and electronic instruments. In sum, Asa Breed represents a new feeling and a more expansive look into the psyche of an artist coming into his own." Read on

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spannered.org: "Chris Jeffs, aka Cylob, has been responsible for a slew of spangled and insanely catchy electronic compositions over the past 14 years. Best known for classic Rephlex releases such as Rewind! and Cut The Midrange Drop The Bass, Cylob tracks and remixes have also surfaced on forward-looking imprints such as Breakin' Records, Lo Recordings, NovaMute and Warp.

This month sees Cylob strike out on his own with his net label Cylob Industries, to be available initially on bleep.com and roughtradedigital.com. The label will be exclusively dedicated to putting out his own material, with a whopping three albums ready to roll in the first batch of releases." Read the whole interview

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The Wire, August 2007: "...one of those rare compilations whose desire to edify is equalled by its unabashed enthusiasm, and whose audio matches and sometimes exceeds expectations. Musically, it answers many questions about our history and poses still more."

shamefilemusic.com: "Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music: 1930 - 1973 is a landmark in the historical research of early Australian innovative and exploratory music created and recorded in Australia .

Over three years of research by Clinton Green has resulted in this compilation CD that stretches over four decades, a time previously thought by many to be barren of experimental activity in Australian music." More info + MP3 excerpts

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Ricardo Villalobos special on 102FM Radio, Tel-Aviv (analog (FM) broadcast). Download here

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Hear Big Science 2 from the recent Big Science EP by Laurie Anderson.
Hear Ricardo Villalobos in the mix - check his recent live set at Fabric London.
Read the unedited transcript of Louise Gray's interview with Laurie Anderson
Watch the video which accompanied Laurie Anderson's classic 'O Superman' single from 1981.
Read an Epiphany by The Wire's 17 year old intern, Imogen Decordova.

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The WIRE 282: "Recorded live at an event held in Independencia, a district located in the north of Lima, this split CD offers a vibrant snapshot of what goes on in the electronic community of Peru's capital. Both contributors bring a terse Industrial feel to their tracks, with Wilder Gonzales Agreda favouring abrupt oscilllations, doleful pauses and sudden changes of attack while Christian Galarreta manipulates electrical hum and interference in a methodical probing of electromagnetic fields. Their performances have beeen documented via microphones placed inside ther performance space rather than through the desk, allowing a lot of ambinent background chatter and shouting to seep into the mix. The end result has a restless social activity and a focused artistic intent, making Superspace Records a label worth listening out for."

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allaboutjazz.com: "Cornetist Taylor Ho Bynum is at the forefront of a younger generation of creative musicians in New York. He combines thrilling improvisation with stealthy composition, unconfined by genre. Best known for his association with Anthony Braxton, Bynum has played a leading role in the realization of the saxophonist’s recent oeuvre." Read the whole interview

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tompkinssquare.com: "Performing and recording since 2003, his name is frequently mentioned as one of the foremost modern solo acoustic guitarists. Now at the age of 25, Blackshaw, an untrained musician born and still residing in the suburban environs of Greater London, draws as much inspiration from early religious music, South-Asian folk music and composers such as Arvo Part, Simeon Ten Holt, Steve Reich and Charlemagne Palestine as he does from John Fahey, Robbie Basho and the early Takoma Records roster, constantly breaking boundaries in what could be conceived as a somewhat limited medium." More

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Guy De Bièvre: "Guy De Bièvre composer, musician, arranger, sound designer, writer and sound art curator.

As a composer/performer I focus on experiments which combine computer, live electronics, acoustics and standard arrangement formats.

I had works commissioned and/or performed by musicians such as Guy Klucevsek, Seth Josel, Anne La Berge, The Bozza Mansion Project, Annette Sachs, Zivatar Trio and various local and international organizations.

As a performer next to my works, I collaborated with various composers and musicians such as Phill Niblock, Anne La Berge, Tom Hamilton, Ensemble Champ d’Action, and Peter Zummo."

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memorizethesky.com: "Memorize the Sky is a collaboration between reedist Matt Bauder, bassist Zach Wallace and percussionist Aaron Siegel. The three met and began playing music together in Ann Arbor, Michigan during the late 1990’s. Since then, they have performed together as Memorize the Sky, touring around the United States, crafting their own brand of acoustic improvised music.

This first studio document of MTS’s decade-long collaboration captures the sound that defines their live sets: meticulously shaped textures, hovering or gradually unfolding. The eight improvisations presented here come from over six hours of material recorded in a barn in upstate New York in the fall of 2005." memorizethesky.com

Bass Clar Vibes Mix

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boweavilrecordings.com: "Limited vinyl by the great experimental guitarist Oren Ambarchi from Australia. A Touch label recording artist, Oren has been making music since 1986, creating sounds from the guitar that one would not expect to hear. On this LP two long tracks one per side, start from minimal low frequency sounds to ever growing drones of manipulated guitars...staggeringly beautiful!"

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The WIRE: "For this fifth Angels Of Light album, Gira has again recruited acid pastoralists Akron/Family to realise his songs, which are usually composed on acoustic guitar. Some of the musicians featured on early releases New Mother (1999) and How I Loved You (2001) have returned to flesh out We Are Him's arrangements. Gira has in the past bemoaned his difficulty in resisting the temptation to obsess over sonic details, but those who found the last couple of albums a little too dry and sparse will surely enjoy this one's lusher textures. We Are Him is the most widescreen Angles album to date without ever spilling over into the production excesses of Swans; further, it retains the freshness and immediacy that is a hallmark of Akron/Family's work. Nothing feels superfluous; the instrumentation, though compellingly mercurial, in never intrusive or overwrought, allowing Gira's songwriting to command centre stage." Read the whole review

MP3 Download: Black River Song

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Ricardo Villalobos
The red-eyed Chilean DJ and Techno producer has become the toast of Berlin's minimal scene, with four-hour sets and disorientating beatdowns.

Primer: British Psych-Folk
A user's map of the misty lanes of Albion's folk rock, including Sandy Denny, Steeleye Span, Pentangle, John Martyn, Mellow Candle, Comus, The Wicker Man and more. By Rob Young
Illustration: Edwin Pouncey
Listen to some of the music discussed in this Primer. Go to MP3 Specials

It's for your own good, say extreme power electronics artists William Bennett and Philip Best, discussing their reputation as arch-transgressors of public taste. By David Keenan

Laurie Anderson
The multimedia maven rails against American foreign policy in her new Homeland performance.

Johnathan Harvey
The Buddhist spectral composer meditates on The Wire's mystery record selection.

Matthew Dear
As False, Jabberjaw and Audion, the US electronica producer toggles between pop and rougher textures. By Dave Stelfox
Download a track by Matthew Dear. Go to MP3 Specials

Nick Cain books a seat in the memory theatre for Karl Bauer's delirious electric violin drones
Download an exclusive unreleased track by Axolotl. Go to MP3 Specials

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wnyc.org: "Laurie Anderson visits the studio on this edition of New Sounds to talk about and sample from her latest work, The End of the Moon. In it, she looks at the relationships between war, aesthetics, spirituality and consumerism while drawing from her travels, research, impression-packed journals, dreams, and theories in her post as artist-in-residence for NASA. Anecdotal, wide ranging and epic, this original work also features Anderson’s new music for violin and electronics and takes us on a music-theater journey that examines how we think about the scale of space and ourselves in relation to the rest of the planet." Listen here

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Deutschandradio Kultur stellt die Künstlerin Laurie Anderson vor. Im zweiten Teil wird ein ca. 4 minütiges Stück gespielt. Laurie Anderson Interviews oder Radioauftritte werden eigentlich immer mal wieder in meinem Weblog verlinkt, wer also mehr hören möchte, einfach die Suchfunktion benutzen.

Laurie Anderson I
Laurie Anderson II

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wnyc.org: "“America's multi-mediatrix” Laurie Anderson visits the studio on this edition of New Sounds to talk about and sample from her latest work, The End of the Moon. In it, she looks at the relationships between war, aesthetics, spirituality and consumerism while drawing from her travels, research, impression-packed journals, dreams, and theories in her post as artist-in-residence for NASA." Listen here

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wnyc.org: "From New Sounds Live at Merkin Hall recorded in late February 2004, Laurie Anderson performs new works for voice, violin, and keyboard. Hear her dry and witty streams of thought storytelling wend their way over alternately pulsing and thunderous keyboard programming, interspersed with violin interludes. Plus, the string quartet Ethel performs works by either John King or Todd Reynolds, and a breathtakingly melting work by Phil Kline." Listen here

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wnyc.org: Laurie Anderson and MoMA curator Barbara London on how music informs moving image work, and vice versa.
Real Audio link

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"Laurie Anderson, known for her eerie, soul-searching performance art, has another project she’s taking on tour. This newest piece, The End of the Moon, reflects Anderson's experiences as NASA’s first artist-in-residence and indulges in some philosophy too. "

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Laurie Anderson enjoyed a public visibility greater than virtually any other avant-garde figure of her era. Her infrequent forays into rock aside, Anderson nevertheless remained firmly grounded within the realm of performance art, her ambitious multimedia projects encompassing not only music but also film, mime, visual projections, dance, and -- most importantly -- spoken and written language, the cornerstone of all of her work. More

MP3: Laurie Anderson - Song from America On The Move
MP3: Laurie Anderson - Three Expediences

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