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BBC: "He's only 21 but he's already one of the most respected and influential DJ/producers on the dubstep scene - check out Skream's heavy mix."


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wnyc.org: "Hear an hour of music by the elfin Icelandic singer and songwriter Björk on this edition of New Sounds. Listen to selections from albums like “Medulla,” “Vespertine,” and more. Plus, unusual arrangements of Björk songs by the Brodsky Quartet, Geoff Keezer, Rachel Z, and the Decemberists, among others." Listen here

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thirdcoastfestival.org: "Composer, saxophonist and sound artist Alessandro Bosetti was born in Milan, Italy in 1973. His work explores the relationship between sound anthropology and composition, focusing on the musicality of spoken words and unusual aspects of spoken communication, with field research and interviews often creating the basis for his abstract compositions. Bosetti's productions have been featured in live performances, on radio broadcasts and on experimental label recordings. As a saxophonist, he has developed an original instrumental language that incorporates extended techniques and noises, and is strongly influenced by electronic music. Bosetti has performed all over Europe and in the USA and Japan. He lives and works in Berlin." Read the whole interview

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"The Bark Haze is primarily a guitar duo of GOWN (nom de plume of one Andrew Macgregor) and Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth etfuckingcetera). Auxiliary members have been know to include Pete Nolan (Magik Markers, Virgin Eye Blood Brothers, Cops et al)." Download a mp3 excerpt

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stylusmagazine.com: "As part of the underrated A-Band and Vibracathedral Orchestra Neil Campbell has been producing and releasing quality music that both experiments and captivates. He’s also the man behind a (so far) seven strong run of magnificent Astral Social Club CD-Rs. This series has left a trail of memorable electronics, drones, harmonics, joy and beauty in editions of 100." Read the whole interview

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anticon.com: "Tripping back through Alias’ discography, it’s evident that Brendon Whitney is a man on a mission. Over six full-length albums, several EPs and numerous collaborations, Alias has been, well, for lack of a more artful term, diversifying. From group projects to solo rap outings to wordless electronic compositions (Muted) to improvisatory instrumental duets (Lillian), he’s proven steadfast in whatever marketplace he enters." Listen to: Remix for The One AM Radio

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wnyc.org: "In the late 1960s, Anthony Braxton first turned heads with solo saxophone performances and recordings. Four decades and one "genius grant" later, the composer and teacher is still one of the most radical musical thinkers alive. He joins us to talk about his "ghost trance music" series, most recently documented in a boxed set of live performances at New York's Iridium nightclub in 2006. He calls the 9-disc set "the point of definition in my work thus far." Listen/Download here

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Download a track from Paul Dickow aka Strategy's new album Future Rock

Listen to selected tracks discussed in the May issue’s Dubstep Primer

Read the unedited transcript of David Stubbs's interview with Mouse On Mars, which formed part of his cover feature on Mouse On Mars's collaboration with Mark E Smith, Von Südenfed

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"If you go to your local record store, you'll find Meredith Monk and Björk in completely separate categories, but as you're about to hear, they've got a lot in common. Born a generation apart, both women have gained a reputation for creating adventurous music for the human voice, work that has taken them beyond the concert stage and into the realms of theater, film, visual art, dance, and performance art. Over the course of this hour-long program, these two artists share personal stories and trade ideas about music alongside illustrative samples drawn from their extensive recorded catalogues." Listen here

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npr.org: "Her latest CD, Volta, is a high-energy, tribal romp across cultures, with rhythms from Africa, horns from Iceland and strings from China. Björk performed live on NPR.org, in a full concert from New York's United Palace.

Volta is more political and international than her previous albums, though not overtly. It's a sonic essay on the state of the world, particularly war and the human impact on the environment, both of which can be heard in the opening track and first single, "Earth Intruders."

Though Volta is driven by strong, polyrhythmic beats, Björk says it was the last thing she thought of for the album." Download here

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Radio ABC: "Iceland's most eccentric artist, BJORK, is back with a new album 'Volta'. This Saturday, Zan Rowe is digging deep into the triple j archives to present a one hour retrospective of her whole career. Interviews, live recordings, rare tracks and more. Spanning the 30 year career of this unique voice in modern music." Listen here

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The WIRE: "The Hawk And A Hacksaw duo of Jeremy Barnes and Heather Trost are on an idiosyncratic nomadic quest to uncover folk music's less travelled roads, with particular attention to the Roma and Balkan rhythms and sounds of Eastern Europe. Anticipating a tour of the UK this month, this EP showcases the individual talents of four of Hungary's most adventurous musicians. On "Zozobra", the cimbalom is played by BalÁsz Unger, with Barnes handling all other instruments."

A Hawk and a Hacksaw - Zozobra

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The WIRE: "Mike Cross and Mike Ward, who formed Longstone in 1996 as a crossover project between rock and electronica, have more recently been joined by improvising reeds player Chris Cundy (of Grace And Delete and Guillemots). Their new album Kabuki is complemented by Longstoned (Elbandito), a separate collection of Longstone's remixes of other artists including Will Sergeant, Stylus and Silverman, plus a collaboration with Guillemots' guitarist, MC Lord Magrao."

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The WIRE: "Paris resident Eglantine Gouzy began making her electronic song miniatures after relieving her ex-boyfriend of his Kaoss pad. As well as her debut album Boamaster, she has been included on Monika Enterprise's recent 4 Woman No Cry compilation, and has remixed Hauschka for Karaoke Kalk."

EGLANTINE - Boa (excerpt)
EGLANTINE - Cuckoo (excerpt)

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The WIRE: "Mark E Smith and Mouse On Mars's new project is not so much a collaboration as a shotgun wedding marrying digital mayhem with cantankerous interventions."

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On the cover: Von Südenfed. Mark E Smith and Mouse On Mars's new project is not so much a collaboration as a shotgun wedding marrying digital mayhem with cantankerous interventions. By David Stubbs

Features: Evan Parker, The Primer: Dubstep; Invisible Jukebox: Rhys Chatham; Cross Platform: Derek Jarman; Strategy, Sylvie Courvoisier, Carlos Giffoni

Hear a track taken from Von Südenfed's debut album

View the promo video for Von Südenfed's first single

Hear Rhys Chatham in conversation with Dan Warburton for this month's Invisible Jukebox

Download a specially produced edit of a live performance by Rhys Chatham's Guitar Trio

Hear new music by No Fun impresario Carlos Giffoni

Listen to Sylvie Courvoisier playing live

Watch performances from GRM's Présences Électronique festival in Paris

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Read all the dub reviews from issue 279 of The WIRE magazine here

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Listen to Earth Intruders

Order Volta from Amazon.de or Amazon.com

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Studio footage and interview clips from the making of Bjork's new album Volta

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