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freshmilk.tv: "Nun ist er fast verschwunden und Vergangenheit geworden - der Palast der Republik. Was bleibt sind zahllose Erinnerungen...so auch ein legendäres Konzert der Einstürzenden Neubauten. Blixa Bargeld spricht über Altes und Neues und über eine soziale Kraft, die niemals in Vergessenheit geraten soll...und es gibt eine DVD die schon jetzt ein Stück Geschichte ist."

  • Teil 2 und 3 des Interviews
  • Die DVD bei Amazon bestellen

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MVD: "This performance was filmed on November 4, 2004 at the Palast der Republik in Berlin, the former Parliament building and symbol of the no longer extant DDR (East Germany). The Neubauten found the steel skeleton of the ruins of the Palast a congenial location for their architectural-musical fantasies and field studies. Accompanied by a 100 member choir, recruited from the supporters of the www.neubauten.org Internet project, they played in and with the building in their inimitable, almost literally building-collapsing fashion. Contains previously unreleased songs, band commentary and more."

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Lawrence Englisch, THe WIRE: "Composed for the dance work Hybridome, Stage is a reminder that the simplest of sound tools in the right hands produces paramount listening opportunities. To this end, Steinbrüchel has devleoped a body of work that meditates on the positioning of minimal sounds in the stereo (and surround) listening field. With Stage, he successfully creates a number of smoothly oscillating "scenes" that arrange delicate electronic textrues withing swaying tonal passages. This effect splits the listeners' concentration, and depending onf the listening environment, Stage offers numerous points of entry and departure." Read on

Liste to some excerpts here and here

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myspace: "With a depth ranging from fragile to glacial, he takes dense layers of guitars and pianos and builds them into an awe-inspiring fortress around himself. Resting comfortably and confidently in the spirits of Brian Eno's most accomplished ambient pieces, Eluvium is a freakishly beautiful affair"

eluvium - under water it glowed
eluvium - New Animals From The Air

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CD Cover of the release Drape by Moskitoo12k.com: "Caught between the organic and electronic minimalism that 12k is known for and the unconventional Japanese pop musings and songwriting style of Happy, Moskitoo’s Drape is an infectously strange, bleepy, and dreamy debut release." More

Moskitoo - Skie

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"Misplaced nautical charts, trade winds, shortwave miscommunication, midnight whispers, amorxxx." Listen to the whole CD

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news.com.au: "Hall has spent the last year recording sounds the bridge (Story Bridge in Brisbane Australia) makes and turning it into a CD of hauntingly beautiful ambient music called Fluere.

"People don't realise how amazing intricate (the bridge sounds) are," Hall says."At night times, especially, it is quite rhythmic as cars are more evenly placed as they cross the bridge. I say it's chaotically rhythmic. It floats in and out of being in time." More

Tom Hall - Fleure - excerpt

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Seeed perfoming with french group Saïan Supa Crew at Taratata 2006-05-11

wikipedia: "Seeed is a German reggae/dancehall band from Berlin. Founded in 1998 they have recently become quite famous in Germany and surrounding countries. They are the most popular German reggae act besides Cologne's sing-jay Gentleman. Seeed consists of eleven band members, including three singers, a horn section and a DJ. Seeed is famous for their unusual use of horn." More


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laub-deinetwegen.com: "The Blues came overnight, after another long day spent on computers, forums, world wide web… it came in form of John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters, clear, simple, reduced, honest… and suddenly all this seemed to be missing in the sound they were witnessing and trying to translate into music.
So it became an option to learn through that and develop an own interpretation of white german 21st century Blues.
No sampling of old records but rather studying the old material and write own songs based on the experienced.
Writing lyrics about the days happening and the things observed not in the cotton field but right here in the Multi Media offices of Berlin Prenzlauer Berg."

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wikipedia: "Eyeless In Gaza is the post-punk, New Wave musical duo of Martyn Bates and Peter Becker, based in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England . They have described their music as "veer[ing] crazily from filmic ambiance to rock and pop, industrial funk to avant-folk styles." Formed in 1980, the group went into hiatus in 1987 as Martyn Bates pursued a number of solo projects and collaborations, reemerging in 1993." More

eyelessingaza.com: official homepage with many MP3 samples

Eyeless In Gaza - Mixed Choir
Eyeless In Gaza - Whitening Rays

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CD cover of Frode Haltli - Passing Images ecmrecords.com: "Frode Haltli, acknowledged as one of the most outstanding accordion soloists in contemporary music, is also an exceptional improviser and an authority on folk music. His second ECM recording under his own name brings all of these aspects of his musical character together. Repertoire includes a psalm from the western fjords, a lyrical waltz from Haltli‘s home village near the Swedish border, a Roma traveller tune that suggests Albert Ayler‘s sound-world... With a supporting cast including Irish-Scottish classical viola player Garth Knox (ex-Arditti Quartet) as well as Norwegian partners composer/singer Maja Ratkje and trumpeter Arve Henriksen, Haltli offers a radical new look at music from traditional sources."

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Listen to The Dead C being tested by Nick Cain for the current April issue's Invisible Jukebox.

Watch a short film of Aufgehoben and others performing at London's Sottovoce mini-festival, reviewed in the current April edition of The Wire.

Listen to two Wire related radio shows broadcast as part of Resonance FM's ongoing Clear Spot series:

The Clear Spot: Adventures In Modern Music - features highlights from The Wire's Adventures In Modern Music festival held in Chicago in September last year, including extracts from sets by Jandek, Om, Subtle, Paul Flaherty and more. Hosted by The Wire's Tony Herrington.

The Clear Spot: Jewels In The Show Home - features Blixa Bargeld talking about Einstürzende Neubauten's Palast Der Republik concert DVD, Musterhaus series and their website's monthly download series, Jewels. Hosted by The Wire's Biba Kopf and Lisa Blanning.

( 0 ) 04.04.07    Tag: THE WIRE 278

wikipedia.org: "The Dead C are a New Zealand based noise rock trio made up of members Bruce Russell, Michael Morley and Robbie Yeats. Most often, Russell plays electric guitar, Morley sings and plays electric guitar or laptop, and Yeats plays drums.

Formed in Dunedin in 1986, the group is known for its lo-fi guitar soundscapes and improvisational take on rock music. They became known internationally through their releases on the Philadelphia record label Siltbreeze, especially the 1992 double LP Harsh 70s Reality. Early, pre-Siltbreeze albums like Eusa Kills and DR503 find the group still drifting between song-based work and the experimental free rock found in later albums like The White House and Tusk. Recent albums have seen the group add electronics and samples, yet still maintaining their origins in trademark hazy guitar chaos." Read on

  • Watch a live performance of Sky by The Dead C
  • Listen to some tracks at a MySpace fan page

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ISLAJA - Rohkaisulaulu [more]
Hal Rammel - Highway Construction [more]
Michio Kurihara - Twilight Mystery of a Russian Cowboy [more]

( 0 ) 02.04.07    Tag: THE WIRE 278

The WIRE: "Lovely looking (and sounding) new picture disc from the UK Industrial/Improv quartet. This is a slinky cross between electronic noise and free aktion, recorded at the sessions for the recent Messidor album. Filled to the rim with strange meaty sounds, this is one of the cooler singles I've heard in a while." More

Aufgehoben - THermidor

( 0 ) 28.03.07    Tag: THE WIRE 278

wnyc.org: "One of the founding fathers of Minimalism, Terry Riley joins host John Schaefer in advance of the New York premiere of “Sun Rings,” an evening-long work inspired by sounds discovered in deep space, and featuring 40-foot projections of NASA photographs of deep-space imagery. Along with an ambitious visual component, performers will include the Kronos Quartet and the 70-voice Dessoff Choirs." Listen here

( 0 ) 24.03.07    Tag: THE WIRE 278

The Wire 278READ an exclusive web-only article by Julian Cowley, discussing the film soundtracks of this month's cover star, Terry Riley.

VIEW an exclusive video documenting a new Agrare performance featuring Maja Ratkje.
DOWNLOAD new music by Aufgehoben, offered exclusively to Wire readers.
HEAR new music by Fonal artist Islaja.
LISTEN to tracks by Ghost's Michio Kurihara.
VIEW a special commemorative gallery of images by the late photographer Philippe Gras.

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