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"Download an exclusive live version of Videotape from Radiohead's matinee performance at the BBC Radio Theatre on April 1." Link

( 0 ) 04.04.08    Tag: Misc MP3

"Californian punk band Pennywise has a new album due March 25th. And they're giving it to you for free. They're teaming up with myspace and will offer the album The Western World via download for two weeks at no charge. They haven’t specified the quality of the free audio files yet. You can get more info at the Pennywise myspace page.
via triple j

( 0 ) 21.03.08    Tag: Misc MP3

AcidMothersGuruGuru features Mani Neumeier from the legendary and influential German Krautrock group Guru Guru as well as Kawabata Makoto and Atsushi Tsuyama from Japan's holy Acid Mothers Temple. The result is a fiery fantasy filled, loud/soft, colorful trans-generational psychedelic collaboration." Read on

AcidMothersGuruGuru - Stonerrock Socks
AcidMothersGuruGuru - Bayangobi

( 0 ) 04.02.08    Tag: Misc MP3

Another release for my "going to buy list".

- Order from Amazon .com .de or .co.uk

( 0 ) 14.01.08    Tag: Misc MP3

Great acoustic songs.

( 0 ) 20.08.07    Tag: Misc MP3

Guitar noise mayhem from Finnland. Brilliant! HotGuitars

( 0 ) 26.07.07    Tag: Misc MP3

Andreas Gerth & Tied + Tickled Trio
radioeins.de: "Das "Tied + Tickled Trio" hat mit "aelita" eine neue Platte veröffentlicht - inspiriert von Filmen, Gemälden und Büchern. Es geht um Visionen, Futurismus und Science Fiction. Olaf Zimmermann begrüßte in den "elektro beats" den "Tied + Tickled Trio"- Keyboarder Andreas Gerth." Anhören

Ms John Soda
br.online.de: "Digital oder analog, Pop/Rock, Song/Track, Indie/Tronica, Hiding oder Fading? Ms John Soda wollen und müssen sich nicht entscheiden. Ms John Soda = Stefanie Böhm (auch bei Couch) + Micha Acher (auch: Notwist, Tied&Tickled Trio)" MP3 Downloads

( 0 ) 24.07.07    Tag: Misc MP3

fallt.com: "Our first exclusive MP3 'Pumilum' courtesy of audio/visual artist Tonne (Paul Farrington) - described by The Wire as an "interactive software visionary"

Pumlium is six and a half minutes of brittle minimalism, the lightly crackling textures of which suggest a lo-res digital fireplace with its embers dialed down." Download here

( 0 ) 23.04.07    Tag: Misc MP3

fonal.com: "With their childlike melodies and cheezy synthesizer tunes names like Stereolab, Raymond Scott, Karkkiautomaatti and Mouse On Mars might pop up"

TV-Resistori - Intiaanidisko (nettimix)

( 0 ) 28.03.07    Tag: Misc MP3

"the team behind always outsiders, never outdone, the unofficial prodigy remixed album, and flip the switch, the unofficial chemical brothers remixed album, have turned their attention to one of their favourite artists of the last few years - lcd soundsystem. the album is free to download

Found via netzpolitik.org

( 0 ) 17.03.07    Tag: Misc MP3

Lullatone: "Our new CD full of music box melodies, vocals whispered in your ear, sine tones that sound like birds, tape hiss & analogue magic, a junior high school choir, a toy orchestra, and a soft bass drum beat made from the sound of a pillow is out now!"

Lullatone - bedroom bossa band

Older tracks:
Lullatone - wake up wake up
Lullatone - bushman's samba
Lullatone - music box samba

( 0 ) 01.03.07    Tag: Misc MP3

Drony and atmospheric release: "100 % recorded with guitars, guitar effect pedals & mobile phones"

Red Needled Sea - Del

Download the whole album here
Red Needled Sea @ MySpace.com

( 0 ) 22.12.06    Tag: Misc MP3

synestheticrecordings.com: "Five Dolls For An August Moon is the long awaited debut studio album from Norwegian drone- space- freak- psychedelic- noise-out- rock band DEL. Consisting of Kjell Runar "Killer" Jenssen, Lasse Marhaug and Per Gisle Galåen but for most recordings and gigs they are joined by various guests. Five Dolls For An August Moon features longtime almost-member Fredrik Ness Sevendal on guitar." Read on

DEL: Sabbath Fucking Sabbath (from 5 dolls...)
DEL: 35 mm Delerium
DEL: Untitled piece for peace
More downloads

DEL's homepage

( 0 ) 22.12.06    Tag: Misc MP3

Can't wait for the final release. Very nosiy!

- MP3: Grinderman – No Pussy Blues

( 0 ) 04.12.06    Tag: Misc MP3

Cover of Beirut's Gulag OrchestraBeirut are playing fake balkan indy pop.

Official Homepage

Order The Gulag Orkestar from Amazon.de or Amazon.com

Mount Wroclai (Idle Days)

( 0 ) 30.11.06    Tag: Misc MP3

abc.net: "Sit back, relax, immerse... as Hermione Gilchrist embraces 'ambient' sounds - from the stalwarts of abstraction and atmosphere such as Glass, Eno and Nyman to surprisingly subtle moments from Aphex Twin and beyond." Download here

( 0 ) 14.11.06    Tag: Misc MP3

swr.de: "Vom 8. bis 12. November gibt es wieder die Gelegenheit, aktuelle Hörspiele der ARD kennen zu lernen - bei den ARD Hörspieltagen im ZKM Karlsruhe. Schon jetzt sind die nominierten Newcomer-Hörspiele für den Wettbewerb "Premiere im Netz" zum Anhören, Herunterladen und Kommentieren online!" Zum Download

( 0 ) 24.10.06    Tag: Misc MP3

raster-noton.de: "kangding ray aka david letellier arrives at raster-noton artist collective with his first album STABIL. born in france and based in berlin, letellier evolved as a guitarist and drummer in various bands whose influences ranged from rock and pop to jazz before moving into electronic music. STABIL is a reflection of letellier's background as it integrates guitar loops, bass lines, residual noise, acoustic instruments and digital anomalies to create a textured soundscape. as the label is looking into new directions, kangding rays' debut makes it's mark as an interesting attempt to find a balance between the flow of melodies and the ever changing structure of rhythm." More

Kangding ray - stabil (excerpt)

More excerpts
Kangding Ray at myspace
Video by Nicolas Lelièvre

( 1 ) 10.10.06    Tag: Misc MP3

Beautiful Twin-Peaks like electronic ambient music
Lamella - A Silent Extintion Beyond the Zero
More mp3 files + info

( 0 ) 09.10.06    Tag: Misc MP3

drs.ch: "Dass die grosse weite Welt des Internet auch eine gigantische Musikbibliothek ist, in der man sich kostenlos bedienen kann, wissen alle, die schon einmal Rock- und Popsongs heruntergeladen und auf CD gebrannt haben. Dass im Web aber auch klassische Musik zu finden ist – ebenso kostenlos, aber legal –, das wissen die wenigsten. DRS 2 macht sich auf die Suche nach den Quellen von Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven & Co." Link

( 0 ) 20.08.06    Tag: Misc MP3

Created exclusively for the RE:TG event at ATP/Camber Sands UK, created by British Soundartist Scanner. Download here

( 2 ) 30.07.06    Tag: Misc MP3

01 Wendy Carlos - Clockwork Orange Title (Soundtrack)
02 Dick Hyman - Kolumbo (The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman)
03 Kraftwerk - Radioactivity (The Mix)
04 Perrey & Kingsley - Spooks in Space (The Essential Perrey & Kingsley)
05 Sun Ra - The Wind Speaks (My Brother the Wind, Vol. 2)
06 Wendy Carlos - Bach Cantata #208 (Switched-On Bach II)
07 Perrey & Kingsley - The Unidentified Flying Object
08 Dick Hyman - Total Bells and Tony
09 Wendy Carlos - Timesteps (Clockwork Orange Soundtrack)
10 Sun Ra - The Design/Cosmos II
11 Perrey & Kingsley - Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Michel Le Grand
12 Wendy Carlos - Bach 2-Part Invention in A Major
13 Dick Hyman - Time Is Tight, Booker T
14 Kraftwerk - Abzug/Metal on Metal
15 Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Lucky Man
16 Wendy Carlos - March from Clockwork Orange (Beethoven Ninth Symphony, Fourth Mov't)
Download here

( 0 ) 08.07.06    Tag: Misc MP3

Part One:
Frieder Butzmann - Tonight's Musik 1 1981
Die Partei - Wo Sind Sie? 1981
Mirror Co - Hit Single 19??
Die Kapazität - O.S.R.L. 1982
The Stranglers - Shut Up 1978
Georgie D - Die Kunst Wird Mal Durch Abschlachten Groß 1982
Family Fodder - My Baby Takes Valium 1979
Die Zwei - Wir Bleiben Klar 1982
Download Part 1 here

Stormtrooper - I'm A Mess1977
Die Radierer - Aller Guten Dinge Sind 1, 2, 3 1980
Cardiac Arrest - Icky Qualms 1981
Dino Martini & The Long Legged Girls - Ferien 1982
Do Po (ITAL)- Oxidization 1981
Prag VEC - Wolf 1978
Bergtraum - Almenrausch 1982
The Red Krayola with Art & Language 1981
Erste Weibliche Fleischergesellin Nach 1945 982
Jetz - Catch Me 1977
Download Part 2 here

( 2 ) 05.07.06    Tag: Misc MP3

  1. Meredith Monk - Long Shadows 1
  2. György Ligeti - Cello Concerto, 1st mvt
  3. Terry Riley - In the Summer
  4. Alvin Lucier - I am Sitting in a Room
  5. Ride - Nowhere
  6. Gerard Grisey - Partiels
  7. Chas Smith - October '68
  8. György Kurtág - Stele, 3rd mvt
  9. Arvo Pärt - Solfeggio
  10. Arne Nordheim - Solitaire
  11. Gabriel Prokofiev - String Quartet no.1 (Max de Wardener remix)
  12. Slowdive - Souvlaki Space Station
  13. Dead Voices on Air - Funfundsiebzig
  14. Dave Seidel - Sublimation
  15. Morton Feldman and John Cage in conversation
  16. Morton Feldman - Rothko Chapel
  17. Curve - Hung Up
  18. Meredith Monk - Long Shadows 2

    Download here

( 0 ) 20.06.06    Tag: Misc MP3

allmusic.com: "Like so many British rock groups before them, Ikara Colt formed from a collection of art students at a Whitechapel university. [...] The group has performed with the Parkinsons, among others, and has been compared to Wire, Monochrome, and Sonic Youth."

Four MP3 downloads

( 0 ) 05.06.06    Tag: Misc MP3

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